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I was ten years into life on my own after college when I realized that my performance in business, relationships, and life wasn’t in line with my all-pro potential. My professional performance lacked integrity to my core values. I was exhausted from people pleasing. Creating and maintaining effective personal relationships was challenging and depleting instead of sourcing me. In comparison, my life would have been considered by most to be pretty darn good. Deep down, I was deeply dissatisfied with my results. My attempts to change the circumstances by changing jobs, the people I was with or where I lived simply produced the same results. I went back to the drawing board.

As a successful collegiate athlete, I thrived when I was given structure and coaching and consistently practiced the skills required to achieve my intended results. Life demands the same discipline and commitment. Once I could clearly see what my ALL-PRO PERFORMANCE looked like, it was time to take healthy responsibility to change my game:


I studied film from those who have changed the trajectory of their own performance. I connected with coaches who helped me watched tape, showed me dysfunctional mindsets that led to the ineffective behaviors and low impact results. I am learning and practicing the skills, mindsets and behaviors that help me close the gap to achieving ALL PRO PERFORMANCE.

From the beginning of Tinder Leadership and Coaching in 2009, my commitment and this business has demanded that I show up as my ALL PRO self in every aspect of my life. I left my company car, guaranteed salary and benefits behind to pursue the challenge of putting my success entirely into my own hands. It demands that I am doing the work that I ask my clients to take on. It also requires me to be living a great life and to support my clients in creating the same. Each year I grow this business, it grows me—and subsequently my clients, as their lives and businesses take off and thrive.


Athletes who achieve elite, all-pro status work with coaches to improve every aspect of their game. Thriving business professionals, effective leaders, and powerful people who desire elite, all-pro results in relationships, business, and physical performance hire Coach Tinder.

My coaching is intended to provide speed and power to your results. I’ll assist you to gain the clarity and courage to begin acting in line with your best self. We then work together to uncover the dysfunctional and inefficient mindsets, behaviors, and structures that no longer serve you and have kept you stuck performing and experiencing average results. Along the way, you will be introduced to new skills and tools that support your success and help you effectively execute your powerful new game plan.

Coaching is not for everyone. I work with a limited number of highly committed clients each year. Commitment to elite performance and transformation will demand your time, energy, and boldness. If you have what it takes to transform your current status to all-pro performance, let’s talk to explore whether my coaching programs will support your success.

The ball is in your court.



Life is physical. When you are committed to living and all-pro life, you must have the body, health, and capacity to consistently show up and produce results. The Executive Barbell program is simple, hard, and effective physical training that utilizes the barbell lifts to develop physical strength and inspire spiritual strength.

You will receive initial consultation and instruction on how to properly and safely perform the barbell lifts squat, press, bench press, deadlift and power clean for those it applies. You will subsequently receive weekly programming, online feedback and coaching to ensure you are properly progressing in your pursuit of strength. Your results will demand commitment and effectiveness from your professional life, personal relationships, and training.

This program is NOT for everyone, and is offered via invitation and referral only. Programs are strictly limited to a small number of individuals who have a true, unwavering commitment to show up in their life physically and spiritually strong. If you would like a more detailed discussion or would like to be invited to participate in the Executive Barbell program, let’s schedule a time to talk.

Make a new personal record.

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Team Tinder is built on a recruitment process of referrals and invitations only. If you think you have what it takes to be an ALL PRO, let’s schedule a time to talk. Serious inquiries only please.

I look forward to hearing from you!
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